Why do women in rock need this project?


The Women of Rock Oral History Project is a collection of digital interviews and written transcripts, housed at the Sophia Smith Collection at Smith College—one of the oldest women’s history archives in the United States. Started by Tanya Pearson in December, 2014, WOROHP documents the lives and careers of women in rock whose work and careers have been underrepresented or omitted from rock journalism and historical scholarship. Typically, women’s representation in popular culture is defined and explained from a dominant male perspective. As far as the representation of women in rock n’ roll, the perpetuation of an androcentric narrative has made it difficult for female artists to achieve credibility and authenticity in the ‘boys club.’ With a collection of publicized and accessible primary source documents, the Women of Rock Oral History Project seeks to facilitate a more comprehensive cultural history, by women, for women and gender non-conforming individuals who have traditionally been silenced as a result of their gender.